Web Development


To be able to develop knowledge, skills and attitude to create a dynamic website
To be able to develop knowledge, skills and attitude about PHP and MySQL


Development of a dynamic website using PHP and MySQL. In PHP, various topics are discussed and practiced such as variable, operators, conditional statements, looping, functions and objects. In MySQL, connect with PHP form, create and modify database, tables, insert data into table and retrieve, update, delete data from table are practiced.


1. Web Basic
1.1 Difference between Web Design and Web Development
1.2 Difference between Static webpage and dynamic webpage
1.3 Define PHP.
1.4 Define PHP File
1.5 Need of PHP

2. Install PHP
2.1 Need of PHP Installation
2.2 Use a Web Host with PHP Support
2.3 Set up PHP on Your Own PC
2.4 Practice Basic PHP Syntax
2.5 Use Comments in PHP

3. PHP Variables
3.1 Types of PHP Variables
3.2 Create (Declare) PHP Variables
3.3 Cause of Loosely Typed Language as a PHP
3.4 Scopes of PHP Variable
3.4.1 Local Scope
3.4.2 Global Scope
3.4.3 Static Scope
3.4.4 Parameter Scope
3.5 Use String Variables in PHP
3.6 Practice PHP Concatenation Operator
3.7 Practice PHP strlen() and strpos() function
3.8 Use & Practice different types of Operators

4. PHP Conditional Statements & Looping
4.1 Conditional Statements
4.1.1 Write a program using if statement
4.1.2 Write a program using if…else statement
4.1.3 Write a program using if…else if….else statement
4.1.4 Write a program using switch statement
4.2 PHP Loops
4.2.1 Write a program using while
4.2.2 Write a program using do…while
4.2.3 Write a program using for
4.2.4 Write a program using foreach
5. PHP Arrays
5.1 Declare Array
5.2 Work with Numeric Arrays
5.3 Work with Associative Arrays
5.4 Work with Multidimensional Arrays

6. PHP Functions
6.1 Use different types of Built-in Functions
6.2 Know about PHP Functions
6.3 Create a PHP Function
6.4 Add parameters in function
6.5 Return values from function

7. Objects
7.1 Create Classes and objects in PHP
7.2 Create and use properties
7.3 Work with method
7.4 Practice Object Overloading with _get(), _set(), and _call()
7.5 Use inheritance to extend the power of objects
7.6 Use Constructors and destructors

8. Demonstrate PHP Forms and User Input
8.1 Handle PHP Form
8.2 Validate Form
8.3 Use $_GET Variable & method=”get”?
8.4 Use $_POST Variable & method=”post”.
8.5 Use $_REQUEST Variable

9. PHP MySQL Introduction
9.1 Define MySQL?
9.2 Create relation between PHP and MySQL
9.3 Know about Database, Tables and Queries

10. PHP MySQL Connect to a Database
10.1 Create a Connection to a MySQL Database
10.2 Closing a Connection
10.3 Create a Database
10.4 Create a Table
10.5 Practice Primary Keys and Auto Increment Fields

11. PHP MySQL Insert, Retrieve, Update, Delete
11.1 Insert Data Into a Database Table
11.2 Insert Data From a Form Into a Database
11.3 Select Data From a Database Table
11.4 Display the Result in an HTML Table
11.5 Fetch data using WHERE clause
11.6 Use ORDER BY Keyword
11.7 Update Data In a Database
11.8 Delete Data In a Database

Reference books and websites
1. www.w3schools.com
2. Beginning PHP – Matt Doyle

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